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Discover the vibrant tapestry of Brazil with Romford Holidays. Explore the mesmerizing beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the majestic Amazon rainforest, and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Delight in the rhythm of samba, indulge in delicious cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this diverse nation.


BRAZIL  Visa From Romford Holidays


from a

Romford Holidays

Valid Indian Passport:

valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay, with one blank visa page

Completed Online Visa Application Form:

DS-160 with confirmation page printed

Passport-sized Photo

meeting specific size and format requirements Proof of Paid Visa Fee Receipt

Proof of Onward/Return Ticket:

flight itinerary showing your departure from Brazil

Proof of Sufficient Funds:

bank statements, employment letter etc. demonstrating you can support yourself during your visit

Proof of Accommodation

hotel reservations or letter from host if staying with someone

Optional but Helpful:

Proof of ties to India (letters from family, property ownership documents etc.


BRAZIL Visit Visa With Romford Holidays

Follow these steps to apply for your BRAZIL visa through Romford Holidays:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has complied a combrehensive list of frequently asked questions related to applying for a Brazil visa from Romford Holidays. From proccesing times to interview requirements, we’ve got the answers to address all your concerns.

The maximum duration is typically six months, but the authorized period is determined by the visa officer based on your application (usually your intended stay or less).

The application fee varies depending on your situation. Check the Canadian government website for the current fee schedule:

Processing times can vary, so check the current estimates on the Canadian government website before applying:

It depends on your nationality and length of stay. Generally, exams are required for stays exceeding six months. Use this tool to find out:

Yes, under certain conditions. You can find information about extending your stay on the Canadian government website: [invalid URL removed]

No, visitor visas are not for working in Canada. You’ll need a work permit for employment.

Short-term courses (less than six months) might be allowed with a visitor visa. For longer studies, you’ll need a study permit.

Your Brazil adventure awaits! Trust The Romford Holidays for a smooth and efficient visa application process. Let our expertise guide you from gathering necessary documents to attending embassy appointments. Ensure a stress-free journey and unlock the wonders of Brazil. Contact “The Romford Holidays” today for your personalized visa assistance.

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