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Embark on an adventure to Russia with Romford Holidays. Explore the grandeur of Moscow’s Red Square, marvel at the opulence of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Golden Ring. Delve into Russian history, culture, and architecture, creating unforgettable memories in this vast and captivating nation.

RUSSIA Visa From Romford Holidays

Qatar passport holders are permitted to enter Thailand upto 30 days or at certain situations 15 days.
Residents with passports from other countries will have to apply for a visa. It’s essential to check your
eligibility based on your nationality and the purpose of your visit.


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Romford Holidays

Valid Indian Passport:

Valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in Russia

Completed Visa Application Form:

Download from the Russian Embassy website

Proof of Paid Visa Fee:

Receipt from online payment or visa center

Two Passport Photographs:

Meeting size and format requirements

For Tourist Visas:

Hotel Confirmation for your entire stay, Round-trip Flight Itinerary. Optional : Travel itinerary, private medical insurance

Additional Documents :

Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements), proof of employment in the UK (employment letter), proof of social ties in India (property ownership documents etc

For Business Visas:

Invitation Letter from a Russian company, Business Letter from your UK employer


RUSSIA Visit Visa With Romford Holidays

Follow these steps to apply for your RUSSIA visa through Visa Romford Holidays:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has complied a combrehensive list of frequently asked questions related to applying for a Russia from Romford Holidays. From proccesing times to interview requirements, we’ve got the answers to address all your concerns.

Yes, you likely need a visa to visit Russia (tourist or business visa depending on your purpose).

Apply online through the Russian Embassy website or in person at a visa application center (VAC) in the UK.

Processing times can vary, typically around 10 working days (check the embassy website for current estimates 

Extensions might be possible under certain circumstances, but applying for the appropriate visa duration beforehand is recommended.

Check the Russia Embassy in UK website for details on specific visa categories, application procedures,and the nearest VAC 

Visa fees can vary. Check the embassy website for current fees.

No, working on a visit visa is not allowed.

Your Russia adventure awaits! Trust The Romford Holidays for a smooth and efficient visa application process. Let our expertise guide you from gathering necessary documents to attending embassy appointments. Ensure a stress-free journey and unlock the wonders of Russia. Contact “The Romford Holidays” today for your personalized visa assistance.

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